Key B2B Ecommerce Statistics Every CEO Should Know When It Comes to Marketing

Imagine a B2B salesman without a phone. It would be like a doctor without a stethoscope or an artist without a paintbrush.

The telephone has played such a significant part in B2B sales that it has nearly become synonymous with the whole industry. Prospecting, qualifying, nurturing, and, on occasion, pitching and closing are all done using it.

However, evidence shows that its time in the spotlight may be coming to an end. According to McKinsey research, 77 percent of B2B decision-makers prefer videoconferencing over talking on the phone with vendors.

It’s perhaps a bit early to be permanently disconnecting your phone line, however, with 53 percent of marketers reporting greater ROI from inbound engagement (vs. just 16% for outbound), sales teams are spending more time talking to warm leads and less time talking to cold prospects.

SEO isn’t a choice

Consider this statistic: “Organic online search clicks outweigh sponsored web search clicks by roughly 12 to 1” When someone searches the web and discovers some of your material as a consequence of that search, you get organic web search clicks (on the first page normally). This isn’t a sponsored search. They haven’t found an ad you’ve purchased for that phrase. This indicates that, on average, more visitors (12 to 1) are discovering connections to existing material on a company’s website.

Buyers Stats

Below are some interesting buyer statistics that you should be aware of, especially as we transition into the digital space more and more.

Marketing Stats

By 2025, the market for customer experience management is predicted to increase, reaching $14.9 billion. B2B clients want the same high-quality experience as B2C customers, and businesses can’t deny it.

Brands must use consumer data, AI, and machine learning to completely customize B2B purchasing experiences. Many B2Bs may find that their employee experience is an excellent place to start when creating a distinctive experience. Many workers today work from home, and providing them with an online experience would empower and inspire them to give better customer service.

Most B2B companies would agree that marketing is critical to their success and that a strong marketing effort, much like in B2C, may help bring their brand in front of more people. Help to convert those individuals into leads. And, as a result, more sales. However, since a quarter of B2B companies spend just 5 percent of their overall expenditure on marketing, the belief is not inline with the budget and despite the fact that marketing generates a steady supply of leads, just 8% of respondents claimed they dedicated more than 15% of their resources to it.

Nearly half of B2B companies stated they want to increase their content expenditure in the next year. Only 4 percent of respondents want to cut down on their expenditures. Which only goes to demonstrate that in the B2B industry, content marketing still has a high potential ROI.

B2B marketers spend 50 percent of their time developing content to raise brand recognition and interest (Content Marketing Institute.) It’s tempting to believe that B2B content should be dull and formal. However, the fact is that B2B purchasers are still people. Reading material from a brand, like reading information from any other person, may help decision-makers get to know, like, and trust you better. Knowing what content to deliver and when is the key to getting in front of those key decision makers.

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