Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Preview

Microsoft this week has launched an added online commerce solution to the Dynamics 365 Retail suite, namely Dynamics 365 Commerce. This will empower businesses that run on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with an added omni-channel solution for eCommerce. The new commerce solution will allow businesses to spin up an online store, manage products, product pages, and implement customer personalization rules and enhanced interactions with features such as ratings and reviews and a loyalty program.

The Store Starter Kit will be available as a starting point. This is essentially a ‘demo’ store for you to reference. With the Online Store Manager dashboard, you will be able to manage the day to day operations for your online store. From what I have seen thus far, it seems that managing product pages would be done in a similar manner as a CMS page builder would function. In fact, Dynamics Commerce does have CMS capabilities for managing and displaying content. Custom themes and theme updates are also possible for personalizing the storefront for branding, look and feel and for holidays as well. I can foresee some opportunity for the community here as well.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Another added benefit is that it is already part of the Dynamics 365 family. In my eCommerce experience, I have seen many integrations with prominent ecommerce platforms and Microsoft Dynamics, such as AX, Nav, and GP, which in most cases require a complex custom integration which can take hundreds of development hours. So having this ready to go with your Dynamics 365 solution has that added efficiency.

Apparently evaluation environments will start to be spun up Oct 1st 2019, and demo sign up requests are being taken as well. Will keep you posted as more is revealed!

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